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U.S. Sensor Corp.

U.S. Sensor is a leading manufacturer of Precision Thermistors, Thermistor Probe Assemblies and RTD Probe Assemblies for temperature measurement and control. Offering products that operate from -80°C to +500°C and accuracies to ± 0.05°C, U.S. Sensor’s markets include Consumer, Industrial, Appliance, Instrumentation, Medical, Military, Aerospace and Automotive. Custom designs to meet the most stringent requirements as well as standard designs are available.

In addition to the products highlighted below, U.S. Sensor also offers a wide selection of Surface Mount thermistors, UL Recognized thermistors and Inrush Current Limiting Power thermistors.

Thermistor and RTD Probe Assemblies

Thermistor and RTD

U.S. Sensor offers an extensive selection of temperature probes for applications ranging from HVAC and refrigeration, foodservice processing and microelectronics to textile production, medical research and petrochemical processing.  Designed and built from the ground up, there are a wide range of probe housing styles (threaded, flanged, pipe clip-on, etc.) as well as housing materials (Stainless Steel, aluminum, plastic, copper, brass, etc.) available. Our expert applications engineering team will assist in making the best selection and/or designing a special probe specifically suited for your unique application.

Precision Interchangeable Thermistors

precision interchangeable thermistors

U.S. Sensor’s Precision Interchangeable thermistors are highly accurate devices that closely follow a resistance-temperature curve over a specified temperature range. The term “interchangeable” refers to the ability to replace one thermistor with another without the need for costly individual calibration. Interchangeability tolerances include ±0.05°C, ±0.1°C and ±0.2°C.

Glass Encapsulated and Glass Coated Thermistors


Capable of withstanding temperatures up to 300°C, U.S. Sensor’s DO-34, DO-35, DO-41, Glass Coated Chips and Glass Coated Probes are especially suitable for temperature measurement and control where extreme temperatures and/or harsh environments are present.  Their superior long-term reliability, fast thermal response and low cost makes them useful for a wide range of applications.

RTDs (Resistance Temperature Detectors)


U.S. Sensor RTDs feature a positive, predictable and nearly linear change in resistance when subjected to a corresponding change in their body temperature. They exhibit high stability, repeatability and accuracy over a very wide temperature range making them especially suitable for applications in extreme temperature conditions. Typical U.S. Sensor RTDs operate as low as -50°C to as high as +500°C though higher temperature ranges are available.