New Products

Sensirion Liquid Flow Meters

Sensirion’s liquid flow meters establish new standards wherever monitoring of low liquid flow rates, liquid handling, and liquid dispensing are important. Our unique CMOSens® Technology  allows bidirectional measurement of the liquid flow through the wall of the sensor’s flow channel in milliliters, microliters, and down to single-digit nanoliters per minute. Applications in fields such as medical devices, diagnostics, process control, and automation technology benefit daily from our safe and reliable sensor solutions.

SLx Series:

sensirion flow

The SLx liquid flow meters with their robust IPxx protected housing are the first choice for demanding industrial environments and tabletop test set-ups or standalone applications. The liquid flow meters all provide the same electrical connector and have been designed for operation with the SCC1-USB, SCC1-RS485, and SCC1-Analog sensor cables.

Lx Series:


The Lx liquid flow meters are ideal for integration into an instrument, a device, or an OEM system, e.g. diagnostics or life sciences applications.

LPG10 Series:


The sensors of the LPG10 series are made from a miniature planar glass chip suitable for low flow rate applications where space limitations are a concern. With their down-mount fluidic ports, they allow compact integration into microfluidic manifolds.

LD20 Series:


The LD20 series has been designed as a single-use component for biomedical applications.