New Products

SL: LE500 series

SL Power introduces the LE500 Series – a 500 Watt power conversion solution that sets new standards in the market.

To support a structure with thousands of LED fixtures, you need a power supply that assures continuous operation without interruption.

Ordinary power supplies with high inrush currents require dedicated circuit-breakers, increasing costs in high-power applications. With the LE500’s lower inrush current, a single circuit-breaker can support up to 4 power supplies, thereby reducing installation costs and saving space.

With droop current sharing, the LE500 enables easy scalability to high-power applications with different wattage configurations – in a single SKU – thereby reducing your total cost of ownership.

The LE500 thrives on the idea of less is more. It weighs less (30% lighter) and has a compact size (30% smaller footprint), which makes it easy to install. But, it has more than double the life expectancy of the competition (50,000 hours vs. 23,000 hours) – significantly reducing the need for replacement supplies.

With EMI and EMC specifications that fully comply with global regulatory requirements, system engineers everywhere can rely on the LE500 to deliver outstanding performance – backed by SL Power’s expertise in designing efficient power supplies.

LE500 – the best 500 watt power conversion solution for applications such as Horticulture, Arena Lighting, Port Lighting and Architecture – brought to you by – SL Power.

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